Blake + Ellie | Cabo San Lucas Destination Wedding

For better or worse, some in-town weddings tend to exponentially grow in size with so many friends and family wanting to attend.  Eventually the cost and complications start reaching a certain overwhelming point and many couples finally say “forget this!” and decide to head out of town!  We all know Utah is known for these HUGE wedding guest lists!  When working on a set budget, your dream wedding with a fancy plated dinner can quickly turn into a not-so-formal slice of cheesecake and a cup of kool-aid in order to feed everybody!  For nearly the same amount of money, how nice could it be to put it toward an amazing, intimate celebration and vacation with just your closest friends and family?!? That’s the feeling Blake and Ellie had, and instead of stressing about how to entertain and accommodate an ever-expanding guest list, they planned the ULTIMATE celebration/get away for their beautiful Cabo San Lucas Destination Wedding at Barcelo Grand Faro in Los Cabos.  Once they arrived at the all-inclusive resort, the only wedding planning concern for Blake and Ellie was not getting sunburned before the wedding!  How relaxing would that be?!?  The celebration was amazing and beautiful with the a view of the ocean in the background.  To top off the evening they ended with a personal fireworks show! And a big thanks to fellow photographer Ashley for coming along and second shooting with me!  (And catching a couple cool shots of me in action!) Congratulations Blake and Ellie! – Randy Cabo_San_LucasDestination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_30Best_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_01Cabo_San_Lucas_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_33Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_27Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_02Cabo_San_Lucas_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_26Utah_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_05Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_04Best_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_03Utah_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_29Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_34Best_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_07Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_06Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_31Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_08Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_09Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_10Cabo_Destination_Wedding__Photography_12Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_11Utah_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_14Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_13Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_17Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_28Best_Destination_Weddings_Photography_15Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_19Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_16Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_18Best_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_20Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_21Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_32Cabo_San_Lucas_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_35Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_23Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_24Cabo_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_22Utah_Destination_Weddings_Dezember_Photography_25

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You recently photographed engagement and wedding photos for Blake and Ellie. I am Blake’s father. You did such splendid work that I would like you to do a modest photo session with my other son and his wife, Logan and Trish. When you have time, will you please call me to talk about packages, prices, and other arrangements?

Thank you,

Dave Nielsen

Hello Dave,

We appreciate you contacting us! We had a fun time shooting in Cabo for you and your family! We not only specialize in wedding coverage, but family and individual portrait sessions as well, and would love to schedule a session with your son and his wife. Feel free to contact us directly at the studio at 801.580.9564.