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Your wedding and the Coronavirus

We have been through many ups and downs in the wedding photography business for the past 14 years and we will get through this as well! We want you to know that we value your decision to choose us as your photographer and we are here for you during this uncertain time.

We thought it would be helpful to put together a guide to help navigate your wedding planning in light of COVID-19, highlighting our policy and also touching on some ideas should you encounter an interference in your wedding plans.

1. Take a deep breath, stay informed and don’t panic!

  • Here are some resources that we find helpful and are consulting to keep our clients safe (like keeping a safe distance while capturing some amazing images!)

CDC Website

Visit Salt Lake COVID-19 Updates

  • Right now we are helping to reschedule weddings that have been postponed due to immediate venue closures. We urge you to stay calm and consider waiting to see how everything plays out before making the decision to reschedule.

2. Communication is key!

  • Communicate with your vendors to make this transition in panning as smooth as possible.
  • Keep your guests in the loop, as many of them have invested in your big day as well! You can use your wedding website or an email to inform everyone of your plans to avoid everyone contacting you about it, which can add more stress to the situation.
  • Stay positive, and have an honest conversation about your worries and anxieties with your loved ones and all of your vendors on this topic and learn what everyone is doing to keep not only you but themselves, their workers and your wedding party and guests safe.

3. What if we have to postpone our wedding due to being sick, the venue closing or vendors getting sick?

This is where previously reading your contract and being aware of what it says about rescheduling will be helpful. If you’re still not sure, reach out to your vendors and ask what their policies are about rescheduling. 

The coronavirus is affecting us all and the wedding industry is being shaken as weddings get postponed. Although payments are non-refundable, they are still safe with us as a credit and we are happy to look at options for smaller, more intimate weddings