Lauren - lead photographer

Associate Photographers

I like to take photographs. You should probably assume this. Since you don’t know a whole lot about me, I’ll carry on. I grew up in Germany, lived in a few other places, received a degree in Journalism, explored a good amount, applied for jobs that disregarded my degree, got married, moved to Utah, adopted two cats, changed my name from Feighery to Wester, and took photos wherever I could. So now that we’re practically best friends, you can ask me anything.

I want to capture the real moments. The genuine laughs, genuine joy, genuine love, that’s what I strive for. My degree in Journalism may be the reason I’m a bit “capturing the real”¬†happy. Posed pictures can be works of art, and I’m constantly finding inspiration with these artists, but my main motivation for a session is capturing the moments of you being you.

“Photographs are moments that you can hold, touch, and remember. Moments can get lost in life; forgotten. Photographers are here to make sure those moments never become lost. Photographers will hold on with all their might to keep the most precious memories alive forever.” – Lauren