Christie - lead photographer


Christie has been doing photography for most of her life, starting with a toy camera from the nineties. Her love and passion for the art was fueled when she purchased her first DSLR camera in 9th grade. She started taking as many photography classes as the school would allow, and soon purchased an additional film camera to learn the dying (sadly) art. She was trained in film throughout high school and college, while also learning to master digital photography.

After constant requests for photography services, Christie created her own successful photography business, and has been running that for the last couple years. When to opportunity came for her to join one of the premier studios in the state (yep, this one) she jumped on it! She has been an indispensable addition to Dezember Photography and a perfect match.

Throughout Christie’s photography career, she has been published multiple times in magazines such as Dark Beauty, USANA, Gateway Bridal, Utah Valley University, and many different literary/art magazines. She recently had the amazing opportunity to have her image on a book cover with a New York Times Best Selling Author. She was thrilled!

Christie has a small family of her own, and they are her world! She enjoys music; she has also been singing even longer than she has been a photographer! But photography is her passion, and Christie enjoys learning new things, meeting new people, and visiting exciting, new places. She had a bubbly personality, and absolutely loves working all the wonderful people she has the opportunity to meet as a photographer. She looks forward to every shoot, and comes with a smile!