Newsletter – Honeymoon Destinations, where to?

So you’ve been planning, planning, and planning your wedding. So for many, the Honeymoon is what brides and grooms are really looking forward to after all the fun and madness is over! has a great article HERE on the top 5 HOTTEST Honeymoon Destinations for 2013.  Heck! Some people even choose their wedding to be a destination wedding so they get married and have their honeymoon all in one! We have had the honor of photographing many of these weddings and they are great and very relaxing for both the bride & groom as well as their friends and family!

After 10 years in the wedding business we have a few tips that will help you in planning and choosing your honeymoon trip.

1. Plan your trip far in advance.  Honeymoon trips need just as much planning as the wedding almost.  Think about the season you will be traveling and make sure you have the appropiate clothing to match the location.  The farther out you plan the better your pricing may be.

2. Plan for at least 2 days for travel.  If you fly for more then 5 hours, be sure to plan for at least a day of recovery both going and coming home.  The rush to the airport and the long flight will make you tired so be sure to plan on “hanging out” in your room for at least few hours when you arrive.

3. Don’t keep it a secret.  Guys, if you are planning the honeymoon trip don’t keep it secret from your soon to be bride.  Honeymoon trips should be planned together so you both share in the excitement.  While you may think the surprise is fun for her, it more then likely will stress her out and trust me when I say that a bride doesn’t need any more stress before the wedding day.

4. Remember a passport.  If you are leaving the country on your honeymoon it is important to have your passport well in advance so.  They take some time to get so get it early.  Don’t forget to bring a long a copy of your marriage certificate with you on your trip just in case there is confusion about your name.

5. See the sights.  We all know newlyweds spend a lot of their honeymoon in their hotel room, but don’t forget to get out and see the sights.  Part of going someplace you have never been is to go out and explore the sights.  Wether you sit on the beach and take in the sun or zip line through the jungle, plan on getting out of the room everyday to do something new.

Whether you choose to go to the beach, the mountains or even Las Vegas don’t forget to take a little time together before you have to head back to the reality of life!