Newsletter | 10 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Your Wedding


We get it! Wedding planning can be hectic! And when the BIG DAY finally roles around, you can easily get caught up in the commotion and forget to stop, take a breath, and ENJOY the moment. There are a few little things that you may not think about, like bringing along comfortable dancing shows, until your feet are aching on the dance floor at your own wedding (and believe us, you WANT to dance!). So check out these 10 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Your Wedding, to make sure that your day goes off without a hitch!


1. Not having the band play “your favorite song”

It may be cheesy. It may be silly. It may be “too country.” But forget what your guests might think! It’s YOUR DAY and you are going to wish you asked the DJ or band to play your favorite song just for the two of you.


2. Not taking enough family portraits

How often do you get all of your extended family in one place at one time?! _NEVER_. Even with your mother-in-law complaining that she is going to faint in this heat, make everyone suck it up and say “Cheese!” After all, when was the last time your Great Aunt Carol left behind her four cats to appear in public? In 50 years, it will be well worth it to look back at the family portrait!


3. Not taking alone time with your groom

Between family pictures, cake cutting, and dancing, you will be on the go all day and night. Take 10 minutes to hide on the sidelines with your groom and “take it all in.” This celebration is for the two of you, so find time to be together. Having all of your family and friends in attendance is just a bonus!


4. Not bringing along the essential beauty products

After all of that dancing in a crowded room, let’s face the unpleasant, and realize that you will probably end up with a shiny T-zone and not so dry underarms…not the best looking in your wedding photos. Be sure to bring along oil-absorbing sheets, extra cover up and foundation, and that anti-persperant stick! Earn extra Bride-of-the-Year points by packing these into our bridesmaid’s kits as well.


5.  Not getting the high res, un-watermarked images with your wedding package

It’s hard to share a print with Grandma when there is a giant logo across your face! Make sure that your wedding package includes the high res images, watermark free.  You should only have to pay extra for prints!  (Book with Dezember, and you will receive all of your images in high res format with print release from your wedding for FREE!)  Not reading your photography contract closely is one of the things you’ll regret not doing.


6. Not bringing comfortable dancing shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must!!  Don’t get caught tiring out early because your feet can’t handle the 6-inch heels any longer! Consider cute sandals, or even sneakers that match your wedding colors, and rock them! Be sure to warn your bridesmaids as well!  Many couples even provide a basket full of flats or sandals for wedding guests to take advantage of too… there should be no excuses for not dancing the night away.   And brides be warned: don’t cheap out on your heels either! There is a lot of walking and standing involved for pictures before you even make it to the reception.


7. Not having an open bar (if you are serving liquor)

Cash bars are… well… no good!  Free pouring liquor is the easiest way to keep your guests happy!  And if you are hoping to cut costs on the bill, consider offering only wine, beer, and a speciality cocktail in honor of the bride and groom.


8. Not switching to a reception dress (or at least considering it!)

That gorgeous ball gown of your looks outstanding in the wedding photos, but they are guaranteed to become heavier and more cumbersome as the night goes on. Reception dresses are a huge trend these days, and they sure make it easier for you to dance (not to mention actually sit down for dinner without a corset digging into your side!).


9.  Not having a fun reception departure

The party is winding down and its time for you and your groom to make an exit. Be sure to go out with a bang! Sparklers, bubbles, sprinkles… whatever your style, these last few moments make for a great photo!  You don’t want your guests wandering around at the end of the night, not realizing that you two have already made a run for it.  At the very least, make an announcement for guests to join you at the door to wave goodbye.


10. Not hiring a videographer

Budget permitting, this is definitely a do!  Most couples set aside funds for a professional photographer, but many pass up on the wedding video.  Imagine watching the video again on your 20th wedding anniversary!!  Don’t kid yourself; with better filming and editing technology these days, video quality has improved by a mile!


Happy planning to all of you love-birds out there, and NO REGRETS!


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