Newsletter | 10 Things Every Groom Should Be Doing Before The Wedding

Dezember_Photography_September_Newsletter_Groom.jpg10 Things Every Groom Should Be Doing Before The Wedding

GROOMS – You’ve bought the ring, popped the question, and… she said “YES!” But it’s not time to kick back and relax just yet… Read up on these 10 Things Every Groom Should Be Doing Before The Wedding to keep her happy – and most importantly – YOU OUT OF THE DOG HO– USE. Let’s get going!


1.  Be Involved

She has been dreaming of her wedding day long before she event met you, and since second grade has the whole wedding planned down to every detail (minus the unicorn). BUT, this is your big day too! And trust us when we say she will be thrilled that you want to get involved in at least a few aspects of the wedding planning. Food? Music? Photography? Give her your opinion once in a while and she will be glad to know she isn’t alone in all of this.


2.  Have Fun With The Registry!

It may be a tedious task, but how often do you get to pick out really cool gifts that someone will most likely be buying for you?! Now is the time to finally get that awesome TV and game console you have been wishing for! (But be sure to remember that of course her chick flicks will have a place there too!)


3.  Get A Little Sentimental

On the day of the wedding, send your bride a gift, flowers, or event a sweet note  for her to adore while she is getting ready. We promise, she will be even more elated to walk down the aisle after that!


4.  Work On Your Vows

DO NOT be the groom who wings it!  And once you’ve taken the time to write the perfect words… Practice. Practice. Practice.


5.  Giver Her A Break

Between planning the majority of the wedding and dealing with *potentially* an opinionated mother and mother-in-law, she probably has wedding overload.  Giver her a night to relax and take a break from all of the planning.  She would be overjoyed for you to plan a simple dinner and movie night.


6.  Get Some Help

If your fiancé has really reached the end of her rope with planning, it might be time that you suggest hiring a wedding planner.  Not only will she be relieved to get the majority of the wedding load off her back, but the wedding planner will also handle the tedious details that neither of you really want to deal with.


7.  Get A Haircut… But Not The Day Before!

Be sure to schedule a few grooming sessions before the wedding day.  If the hair trim is too short, this will allow a few days for it to grow out.  And as much as you may shy away from a MAN-icure, GET ONE!!  Don’t forget that more than likely there will be several photos of the two of you holding hands and a close up of the rings…


8.  Arrange The Groomsmen Attire

She will most certainly want to help choose the style of suits or tuxes and matching tie colors, but you can handle the rest! Schedule a day to get your men together for their fittings, and remind them to return any rentals the day after the wedding. She will be thankful for every little bit that the Groom can handle on his own.


9.  Help Be A Buffer

There are plenty of wedding planning opinions coming your way, and your fiancé might not have the easiest time saying “No.”  This is especially true when it comes to your side of the family.  Be the buffer and let your side of the family know how appreciative your are of their opinions and excitement, but that you two need to plan your own way.  Family conflict is all too easy to come by when everyone is under a lot of pressure.


10.  Say “I Love You” – Often

Whether it’s Post-It Notes or a doodle on her paper lunch sack, NOW is the time to be a romantic (and yes, even cheesy!).


Remember Grooms: There isn’t a wedding without YOU!


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