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* Jaqui *

Today I was lucky enough to photograph Jaqui. Seriously, she was amazing and absolutely stunning! I worked really hard on capturing how gorgeous she is and how amazing her dress looks. I had a very hard time narrowing down the ones that I wanted to show you. Brody

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Brandon & Katie

I had a couple of shoots yesterday and I just got done editing this first one. I had so much fun with Brandon & Katie. I could tell after the first picture I took it was going to be a good time. Brody

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Connor D.

A couple of days ago my wife and I decided to take some fun pics our 3 year old Connor. We thought it would be fun to take him on trax because he loves trains. So we walked from the studio over to the arena and jumped on the train. Here are a few of […]

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Charlie & Kimi Tie the knot!

Last week I finally got to shoot Charlie and Kimi’s wedding. I am going to post a couple today and then a few more tomorrow. Their wedding came up so fast it seemed like. I was so excited because we got to shoot the temple shots before the actual sealing ceremony. This gave a ton […]

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How gorgeous is Kimi? We shot around town today and got some really great stuff. We got a good mix of fashion and traditional portraits, but I absolutely LOVE the blue wall shots! Let me know what you think. Brody

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Garrett & Jessica

I had a super fun engagement shoot today with Garrett & Jessica. We went all over the place, but had a great time. It was so freezing cold. Me having them sit in the snow didnt really help. I did something new with them I am calling the photo booth. Check it out below. Sorry […]

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Travis & Jaqui

A couple weeks ago I asked on my blog for your engagement stories. I have had a lot of response, but I had one that I wanted to post for everyone to read. I know its long but I thought I would share. 🙂 Brody Jaquilyn and I met through mutual friends in the Utah […]

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Just Fine :) Inside joke

I personally do not know any photographer in Utah that would do what we did last night. We started just before it got dark to shoot Brandon and Meghan’s engagements. I vowed to myself that once it got dark I would not use a flash. This shots are so sweet that I just can’t help […]

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Yesterday we shot Whitney’s bridals all over the place. We started out in the studio with some creative lighting and then headed out into the cold for some fun street shots. Then ended up at the library. I love shooting at the library in the evening because the lights of the building is just so […]

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Jake & Whitney

I’m a little behind on getting some engagement pictures posted. Better late then never I guess. Anyway, last week Heather and I went up to the U stadium to take Jake & Whitney’s engagement pics. We had so much fun and these two are so fun together. Whitney’s bridals are tomorrow and I have some […]

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Charlie & Kimi

Wow, I had so much fun doing this engagement shoot. We really weren’t sure what we were going to do our exactly where we were going to go, but we seemed to find some of the coolest spots. Kimi is a big peanut butter fan so we had to find some PB for her and […]

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